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Bravoo!!.It's my first game ever and I am able to complete it within 48 hours for compo. Yuhu !!!!

CONNECTED-SOULS is a platformer game MADE within 48 hours for compo. In this game you as a character your soul connected to a beast(bird).You can shift yourself into a bird in order to complete jaw breaking missions. The two characters are connected with each other like two bodies one soul.This is also a semi automatic runner sort of game. I am not that good with my words so it will be great if you guys look at my work.

All feed backs including critical ones are highly appreciated.

Enjoy playing it. Rate it and help me to boost to make much better games.Happy Jamming!!

Happy Gaming :)

NOTES>> There is a bug so press the space twice when Level starts first time to switch between characters.


As a character use >> Space to Switch, Up Key to Jump, Down Key to Freeze.

As a Beast use >> Space to Switch , Up and Down Keys to control flight

GIF >> https://gyazo.com/dc15c809a0ae4663f6061d81a64bfdc0


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